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Farmers Market, Eggs to hatch and Gold Award Catering. July 2018


Fabulous Farmers Market at Baslow St. Anne’s Church of England Primary School

Year 6 put their Enterprise skills to work when they organised a farmers market to be run at school. As part of the Food for Life Award that the school is working towards, Mrs Christie instigated the opportunity for the children to put their ‘Big 13 Enterprise skills’ to the test by organising a full farmers market at school. The skills they had to employ included: collaboration, ethical thinking, team work, financial skills and profit, communication, problem solving, leadership, risk taking, product and service design, initiative, organisation and many more! They also had to work very closely with the community and put their letter writing skills to practise asking Chatsworth Farm Shop to be present alongside working with some of the senior citizens in the village to ask for their help growing some of the plants and crops to be sold. The children and staff did an amazing job and the market was a huge success making a whopping £ 287.20 profit!

Eggs to hatch

Anybody might have thought that it was Easter as the incubator full with eleven eggs was delivered to Baslow St. Anne’s Church of England Primary School. This was an exciting opportunity that the PTA of the school raised funds to support the ‘Eggs to Hatch’ project. The eggs were left at school for two weeks where the children experienced watching nine out of the eleven eggs hatching into chicks and then seeing them grow over the two weeks. The children had the opportunity to learn how to correctly care for the chicks, weigh them, and distinguish between male and female and put lots of their key values into place to ensure that the chicks had the best possible time whilst they were under their care. The chicks were then homed with some of our parents who volunteered to continue to look after them. We are looking forward to hearing back from these children, to see how our Baslow chicks are growing – a fantastic opportunity all round!

Gold Award Winners – again!

Congratulations to our two fantastic cooks Amanda and Helen Mellor at Baslow St. Anne’s Church of England Primary School who have been awarded the rare ‘Derbyshire Catering Services Quality Assurance Gold Award’ for the standard of their kitchen and food. Donna from catering services agreed that this is not an easy award to achieve and it is testament to the high standards that Amanda and Helen continue to strive for, that we have been awarded this Gold award – we are very proud of them both!

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