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Parent Teacher Association

We are very fortunate to have a wonderfully active and supportive PTA.

Baslow St. Anne’s PTA Members – Roles and Responsibilities - December 2018

Chair – Luci Mottram

Deputy Chair – Joanne Carnell

Treasurer - Mark Bell / Kirstie Bell

Secretaries - Natalie Anwyl and Cath Davey

Cake bakes – Heather Mclaren-Hall and Jessica Hillman
School discos - Kate Abbott and Tessa Peasgood
Second hand uniform – Luci Mottram

New school uniform – Lisa Simm
Summer Fair - Jenny Renshaw and Cath Davey

Christmas Fair – Kirstie Bell and Clare Barclay

Lottery (raffle) license holder – Natalie Anwyl

Data Protection Officer (GDPR) – Natalie Anwyl

Baslow Church Liaison – Georgina Longdon

Baslow Village Events Liaison – David Dawson has requested a named PTA member to help in coordinating PTA input into village events such as Apple Day/Winterfest – Kirsty & Jonathan Fish agreed to take on the role.


The PTA helps raise money for the school, which is used to fund additional enrichment activities and new items for the school, such as books for the library or improvements to the play areas.


The focus of PTA events is not always to generate income; sometimes events focus on maintaining an active school community and enriching school life. We are also keen to reach out to the wider Baslow community through our larger events and we often support other community events.


The school and the PTA are incredibly grateful to local businesses who support the school, many of whom often provide donations or prizes. 

PTA Cake Bake - Schedule of planned dates.

Forthcoming events

PTA - Cake Bake - schedule of planned dates.

Want to get involved?


If you are willing to help with any events throughout the year, please let us know. Many hands make light work.

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