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Class 3 - Lions

Welcome to Class 3 - Lions!


The Lions are a split class of Year 3 and Year 4 children. Our class teacher is Miss Grant and our Teaching and Learning Assistant is Mrs Payne. 
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World Book Day 2020
Class 3 have had a fantastic World Book Day dressing up as our favourite book character and taking part in some activities, We started the day by looking at different wordless picture books and drawing them as a group, we then asked questions and predicted what would happen and the title of the book. In the afternoon, we went on a book hunt to find books we liked the look of, books we didn't like the look of and various different genres of books. We ended the day by creating an imaginary world through a door inspired by Journey.

British Science Week

After a fantastic science workshop creating our own sweets and slime last week, we have had a fun filled science week starting off by creating ICT posters about the groups and classification of living things. We then continued the week by creating pieces of art with food chains in and also investigated electrical equipment creating circuits using light bulbs, batteries, wires and switches. We will continue to investigate and have fun in science throughout the year!

What is Kindness?

Today we talked about what kindness is and how we can be a kind person. We passed an apple round the circle and said something nice that someone had said to us. We then passed another apple around and said something that someone had said to us that made us sad and then dropped it. When we cut the apples open, we noticed something really important... we may look OK on the outside but inside we might be bruised or upset!



Dividing with equipment

We had a really great lesson using the concrete equipment to help us divide. We used a range of different equipment including numicon, cubes, place value counters, bead strings and ladybirds. 


Bollywood Dancing


We had a fantastic Bollywood dance lesson today! Alison taught KS2 the start of a dance that the Year 4's are preparing for a dance show later on in the year. All of KS2 took part and had a great time, we can't wait for another lesson next week!!

Postcards of Kindness


We have been talking this week about our Christmas celebrations and how others may celebrate differently. We have sent postcards to the nursing home in Hathersage to find out about their Christmas (past and present) and we're looking forward to their reply!

Author - Lawrence Prestidge Visit


The whole school had the great opportunity to meet Lawrence Prestidge, a children's author, this week. He talked about how he writes his stories and where he gets his ideas and inspiration from. Lawrence also read some of his stories as well as signing the books purchased by the children. 

Class 3 and 4 Trip to Conisborough Castle

Class 3 and 4 had the wonderful opportunity to visit Conisborough Castle near Doncaster. They were able to see the keep and bailey and see what a real medieval castle looked like. They also took part in a workshop discovering some people who may have worked there. We had a fab time and a big thank you to all who helped!


We have been experimenting with forces and magnets in science. We had a great afternoon seeing how far a toy car can go down a ramp with different materials. 

Djembe Drumming

On Thursday we had the amazing opportunity to all create music on a djembe drum with the help of Steve Rivers. We learnt how to play and hold the drum and played different repeated rhythms using call and response! It was a fabulous day of listening to, playing and creating music! Thank you Steve!

Tasting Soup from the School Garden

Mrs Payne and Mrs Travis were very kind enough to let Class 3 and the school gardeners try some marrow soup which was grown in the school garden. They loved it and all wanted a second serving!!!

Finding Angles Around School

We went on a hunt around school with our right angle monsters to try and find some angles in the school playground. We found lots of right angles and some acute but found obtuse rather hard to find! Maybe we should look inside next time...

How to write instructions

We used different actions to help us remember how to write instructions.


Still image for this video

Zumba with Mrs Burrell

We had a fab time in PE yesterday Zumba with Mrs Burrell. She told us about where Zumba was from and we learnt some Zumba and street dance moves! Mrs Burrell has a Zumba club on a Monday after school which you can sign up to in the office.

World Mental Health Day

KS2 joined in with BBC Teach's live stream about mental wellbeing. We learnt about our emotions and developing a growth mindset. Class 3 used the Class Dojo video to draw 'The Beast' inside us if we feel certain emotions like anger, embarrasment or anxiety and how to deal with this. 

Hands On Maths

We have been exploring the different ways of using equipment during maths including cubes, dienes and place value counters. Here's some pictures of us counting in 4s and 8s and creating numbers with dienes. 

Worry Dolls

After reading Silly Billy by Anthony Browne, we made our own worry dolls out of pipe cleaners and thread. We loved making them and now we have taken them home so we can share our worries with them. 

Becoming Archaeologists 

In Class 3, to start our Autumn topic off with a bang, Miss Grant brought in some historic poo so we could dissect and find out about Eric the Roman, Eric the Viking and Eric the Tudor's diet. We used our maths and English skills to read the clues and measure the sizes. It was a little bit gross but we found out a lot about what they ate.

Ancient Greek Olympics


To celebrate the end of our Groovy Greek topic we created our own Olympic games. We did lots of activities including running races, javelin, discus and long jump using bean bags as weights to help propel ourselves forward. We had a great time and won 5 points for first place and 2 points for second place. 

Y4 Residential to Whitehall


We had a fantastic time at Whitehall last week where we took part in various outdoor activities including stream scrambling and canoeing! It was a great opportunity to work together as a team and develop our independence.

Topic Celebration


To celebrate the end of our wonderful topic "Inside the Pyramids" we created a performance that showed some of the work we had created and the information and facts we had learnt. It was great to share this with our parents and the rest of the school!



Egyptian Live Encounter Day


We were lucky enough for Blue Kazoo to come into school and run workshops for Class 3 and 4 about Ancient Egypt. We created canopic jars and took part in an Egyptian burial and we even met Tutankhamun and asked him questions about life as a pharaoh!

Dance Festival


The Year 4's went to The Arc in Matlock to take part in a dance festival with other schools in Derbyshire. They had a great time and the dance looked fab, thank you Alison!!


Mindfulness Week 


For Mindfulness Week, Miss Grant led 5 different sessions which included mindfulness art, yoga, a quiz and reading with each other. The whole school really enjoyed them and helped us to feel happy and relaxed as it's really important to make sure we stay mentally healthy.

Year 4 Clarinet Concert


Well done to the Year 4 children for a fantastic concert playing their clarinets.

Guide Dog Trust


We had the pleasure of welcoming some lovely guide dogs into our classroom with their owner. We had a great time finding out about guide dogs and asking questions. Thank you to the girls in Class 4 for organising a fantastic visit!



Peter Swidrak Art Workshop

On Tuesday 15th January, Class 3 had the privilege of meeting the artist Peter Swidrak. We learnt about lots of different famous artists, took part in an art scavenger hunt and created our very own piece of artwork. It was a fantastic session and we loved talking to Peter about his own artwork!
Investigating the Digestive System

On Monday 14th January, Miss Grant demonstrated the digestive system! She used household items to show the different parts; including a sandwich bag to represent the stomach and a pair of tights to represent the small intestine. We had a lot of fun and created some amazing writing even if it was a bit gross!
Helena Duggan Skype

In December, Year 3 and 4 had the great opportunity to skype the author of "A Place Called Perfect" and her new book "The Trouble With Perfect", Helena Duggan. She read us a chapter of A Place Called Perfect and then answered our questions about being an author, how to write books and her life as an author. We had a great time and she even sent us activity sheets and stickers!

Peppermint Polar Bear Creams

As part of the Christmas Fayre, Class 3 created some peppermint creams in the shape of a polar bear. We then bagged them up, tying them with a ribbon and a handmade tag.

Five60 Programme with Year 3s

On Monday 10th and 17th December we learnt about how to have a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and physical activity led by Five60 coaches. We learnt about the eat well guide as well as taking part in lots of fun games. We even got to taste some unusual fruits and vegetables; lychee, dried mango and sugar snap peas.

Cliff College Enterprise Afternoon


On Tuesday 11th December, children from Cliff College Nursery came to Class 3 for some Christmas fun after watching the KS1 nativity. Class 3 organised some craft, music, building and reading activities for the children to take part in. We had a fantastic time and we can’t wait to do it again next year.

Making World War 1 trenches out of Lego bricks for Topic!

Welcome back! I hope you've had a fabulous summer. We have already had a great few days back and I am looking forward to a fantastic, fun-filled year.


Here are the Class Expectations that we discussed and created in class.


Our Class 3 Expectations


We will be kind and helpful.


We will be polite and listen to each other.


We will keep the classroom tidy and be respectful.


We will treat others as we would like to be treated.


We will help others and try our best.


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