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Covid Alert Email: You are aware that we have set up a ‘Covid Alert E-mail’ that should be used by parents to alert the school of any positive tests during out of school hours:  Please use ‘Covid Alert’ as the subject matter of the email, so this can be easily identified.  We have now also set up a number (07949 837535) which you are also required to text.  Please do contact regardless of the time, in order for us to take advice from Public Health England and Derbyshire County Council, so that we can then take measures to close affected bubbles if directed to do so by PHE and the DfE – we will notify you as soon as possible by text, so please do keep an eye on texts from school.  

Parental Forms (if you need a form printing or emailed to you please contact the office).

DfE Online Safety


Updated guidance for keeping children safe online

We have updated our guidance for parents and carers to keep children safe online.

If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the web links below useful.

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