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Class 5 - Jaguars

Welcome to Class 5 - Jaguars!


Jaguars are a Y6 class. Our Class teachers are Mrs Christie (Monday-Tuesday) and Mrs Roberts (Wednesday – Friday). Mrs Brayley is our fantastic Teaching Assistant.

Bushtucker Trial Day


As part of our topic, 'I'm a Year 6, Get Me Out of Here!', we took part in a Bushtucker Trial Day.  We had to complete numerous tasks- some more gruesome than others- to see who would be crowned 'Group of the Jungle'.  Our Red Group were the victors and all won a packet of edible bugs to take home... Mmm!

Bushtucker Trial Day - Critter Canteen


Our biggest challenge of all came at the end of the day when we plucked up the courage to eat some real bugs!

Bushtucker Trial Day - Fastest Feelers First


We had just 20 seconds to find as many bugs as we could hiding in some very dubious substances!

Bushtucker Trial Day - Stick It Challenge


We had to work as a team to put down a bamboo cane...easy??  Well, it is not as easy as it sounds!

Bushtucker Trial Day - Rope Escape


Captured in the jungle, we had to try to escape from the ropes tying us together.

Bushtucker Trial Day - Raucous River


We had to successfully navigate our team across a crocodile-infested river, without letting go of our stepping stones.

Bushtucker Trial Day - OS Map Challenge


We used our map skills to find the answers to some mapping problems.

Bushtucker Trial Day - Treasure Hunt


We had to travel around Baslow, solving clues and working out problems, in the fastest time possible.

Desert Island Discs

As part of our 'I'm a Y6, Get Me Out of Here!' topic, we created podcasts discussing items that we would want if we were stuck on a desert island.  We had to decide which: meal, song/film or book and luxury item we would take with us.  Have a listen to what we would take and our reasons why!
















Go Ape!

What a brilliant day we've had, swinging through the trees!  We all pushed ourselves (some of us far out of our comfort zones) to get around the Treetop Adventure Plus Challenge.  We definitely passed the 'I'm a Y6, Get Me Out of Here!' trial today!

Mould Mayhem

In our Science work, we have been learning about microorganisms.  We carried out an experiment to see what are the best conditions to keep bread fresh and stop mould from growing.  We discovered that to keep bread fresh for as long as possible we need to keep it:  cool, dry, air tight and unhandled.  It's been a disgusting couple of weeks in class- we will not be sad to say goodbye to our mouldy slices!

Creating Games

Some children from the juniors had an opportunity to work together to create their own games that developed a tag rugby skill.  These ranged from dodging, throwing, aiming and catching and we had great fun testing out other groups' games.

Tag Rugby Challenge

Would you rather hold a tag for 1 point or risk putting it on your belt for 10 points?  We played a game which involved taking risks, being quick on your feet and having fantastic reflexes.  It was lots of fun!

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