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Class 5 - Jaguars

Welcome to Class 5 - Jaguars!


Jaguars are a Y6 class. Our Class teachers are Mrs Christie (Monday-Tuesday) and Mrs Roberts (Wednesday – Friday). Mrs Brayley is our fantastic Teaching Assistant.

Lea Green Day 3

Lea Green Day 2

Team Swing (double speed)

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Lea Green Day 1

Year 6 Celebration

We have had a brilliant day at Whitworth Park today, celebrating the end of SATs!  We did loads of different activities in the glorious sunshine- it's been a great end to a tough week!

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We have been learning about our circulatory system in Science and had a go at making our own blood complete with red and white blood cells, plasma, platelets and nutrients and minerals... It was a bit messy!

Samba Rhythms

We tested our rhythm by attempting to play some samba beats.  Mrs Roberts' ears are still recovering!


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Investigating Heart Rate

In our Science work, we have been investigating how our heart rate is affected by was tiring!

World War II Topic Day

Y6 had a great day - their costumes were fantastic. When they arrived they were given their 1940's name - amongst them we had Ralph, Phyllis, Roger and Annie. The children made evacuee tags, gas mask boxes, filled in ration books (and used them at the shop), went digging for Victory, learnt how to make do and mend and even managed some code breaking. In the afternoon they performed their fabulous 1940's dance and then shared all their amazing WWII baking with everyone.

The Great Debate

We planned and took part in a debate about whether a zoo should be built in a local village.  We all made fantastic points and listened carefully to the arguments. 

Science Week - Egg Drop

We have had an eggcellent morning!  We had to work to a budget to create something that would help an egg to survive a drop off a high ladder.  Our four groups ranged in success from unbroken eggs to a completely scrambled egg!

World Book Day!

Fabulous effort Year 6!

Sportshall Athletics Finals

We've had a great afternoon competing in the Sportshall Athletics Finals.  An incredible effort from every single person made it such an enjoyable time- well done Year 6, we couldn't be prouder!

Science Week - Marble Run

We were all given the same equipment and had to try to make a marble take as long as possible to roll from the top to the bottom of a table without stopping.  Our winning time was over 36 seconds!

Science Week -Glider Glee

We all created a simple straw glider and then discussed how we could adapt the design to make it fly better.  We changed the number or size of hoops, the length or number of straws until we had a final design.  We then competed to see which group's design would fly the furthest.  You can see our results in the real life graph.  Our furthest flier went an incredible 6.3m!

Science Week - Rapid Reactions

We tested out our reaction times to see if we had what it takes to become a fighter pilot!  We also considered things that may affect our speeds like tiredness.  Zach was the fastest at reacting.

Science Week - Fizzpop!

We are having an early Science Week this year and it has started with a BANG! We had a great session with 'Fizzpop' where we learned about the incredible powers of electricity!



Here is our FANTASTIC Enterprise total.  £368.15 raised with the support of classes 3 and 4 for Cavendish Cancer Care!

Good morning!!


Here are some activities to be getting on with from home today:


Maths- Have a go at this Reasoning paper (this is similar to the one we should have been doing in school today).  The answers are at the back so you can mark them and see how you do but please don’t cheat as it won’t help you at all.  If you can print it out, it will be much easier but just use your homework books to answer and work out the questions if not.  If you don’t have a protractor, leave question 13.


English- There is a SPAG paper to try with just 10 questions.  Have a go and then use the answers attached to mark.  Then, you can  play this BBC Bitesize game:


If you want more, there are plenty of things to be getting on with in your homework books, TTRS, reading and BBC Bitesize.

Science - Light


In our session, we were looking at how light is made up of a spectrum of colours.  We used prisms to refract the light and created a rainbow of colour!  We then created our own colour wheels and watched the light return to white when we spun them!

Science - Light


In our new science topic we have been learning how light travels in straight lines and today we learned how the angle of incidence = the angle of reflection.

Christmas Trees


We made our very own light-up Christmas Trees!!  They all look fantastic... except they were on all the time and the battery would run out really quickly.  We each had to devise some sort of way to turn our lights on or off when we wanted.  We did lots of problem solving and trouble shooting but by the end, we all had working designs!

The Dating Game!


We've been looking at how adaptation, inheritance and variation has aided evolution over time.  We learned about how Birds of Paradise choose their mate based on the best dance skills, brightest feathers and cleanest hygiene! Reindeer have to fight to become the one that gets to mate.  We played a 'Blind Date' style game to see which of our hopefuls would be the lucky ones chosen!!

Fraction Jigsaws


We've been working on all things fractions in our maths work lately.  We were given the challenge to solve these faction jigsaws by multiplying the fractions  together and matching them with their answers.  These were the first groups to complete their challenge- in just a 'fraction' of time!

Best Beak


In Science, we've been looking at how species have adapted over time.  We investigated the different finch beaks on the Galapagos Islands and tested out which shapes made eating our 'bugs' the easiest.

Bushtucker Trial Day


As part of our topic, 'I'm a Year 6, Get Me Out of Here!', we took part in a Bushtucker Trial Day.  We had to complete numerous tasks- some more gruesome than others- to see who would be crowned 'Group of the Jungle'.  Our Red Group were the victors and all won a packet of edible bugs to take home... Mmm!

Bushtucker Trial Day - Critter Canteen


Our biggest challenge of all came at the end of the day when we plucked up the courage to eat some real bugs!