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Class 5 - Jaguars

Welcome to Class 5 - Jaguars!


Jaguars are a Y6 class. Our Class teachers are Mrs Christie (Monday-Tuesday) and Mrs Roberts (Wednesday – Friday). Mrs Maskrey, Mrs Carter and Mrs Shore are our Teaching Assistant.

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Reporting Worries Online


We carried out a survey to see how children manage any worries or inappropriate content they come across online.  We researched what they do if this happens and what things would stop them from telling people.  There were some really interesting findings which we shared with Mr Osborn.  He is going to use these findings to inform his future online safety workshops!



We became magicians, using refraction to flip shapes and make things completely disappear!

Up Periscope!


In Science, we are learning about how light travels.  We learned that it travels in straight lines and we then used the law of reflection to create periscopes.  We went on a spy mission around the school!

Human Charts


We turned ourselves into human bar charts- considering what things we needed to ensure e.g. equal widths of lines, even spacing, labels and titles.  We looked at the sort of data that we would show using a bar chart (non-continuous) and the data that would need to be shown in a line graph (continuous).  We then used what we had learned to create bar charts in our maths, science and computing work!


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