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Class 5 - Jaguars

Welcome to Class 5 - Jaguars!


Jaguars are a Y6 class. Our Class teachers are Mrs Christie (Monday-Tuesday) and Mrs Roberts (Wednesday – Friday). Ms Graus is our fantastic Teaching Assistant.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas: Chapter 1


We were each given a section of 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne to story map.  The next day, we had to rewrite the section using only our maps!  Then we had to 'uplevel' our writing to create an even better first chapter than the author.  What do you think?  Did we succeed?

Chapter 1.mp3

Science- Crime Lab- Up Periscope!


To assist in the UK Crime Lab's assignment, we had to prove how the thief could have seen around corners and avoided the CCTV cameras.  We discovered that they must have used the laws of reflection to create periscopes.

Science- Crime Lab


We have been asked by the 'UK Crime Lab' to assist them in solving a theft which occurred in a secondary school.  We first needed to prove ourselves as Light Experts in order to be allowed access to the confidential materials gathered in the case.  We successfully passed the test... wish us luck!

£5 Challenge Enterprise Project


We used all of our enterprise skills to make as much money as possible for charity.  Each group had £5 to spend on resources.  Keep checking to find out how successful we were!

Science: Natural Selection


Today, we looked at how animals can adapt and evolve over time due to natural selection.  We looked at how the bird of paradise and reindeer choose their mate and how, over time, this can change a species 'ornaments' to make them brighter or bigger.

Rainy Day PE


We're not going to let the rain dampen our spirits! We're going to let our competitive streaks run riot and play Dodgeball!


Still image for this video

Go Ape!


What a day! We flew through the trees, wobbled across platforms and had a fantastic time.  We really challenged ourselves and all succeeded!

Bushtucker Trial Day- Our Victors: The Yellow Team!

Bushtucker Trial Day- Critter Canteen


Our final and toughest challenge was to eat some bugs!  After each bug tasting was expertly demonstrated by both Mrs Christie and Mrs Roberts (round of applause please!), we had a go ourselves!  We tasted Buffalo Worms, Mealworms, Crickets and Grasshoppers.  We were incredibly brave!

Bushtucker Trial Day- Fastest Feelers First


We had to put our hands into unknown dangers to pull out all sorts of creepy crawlies!  Our faces tell you what the different boxes felt like!

Bushtucker Trial Day- Rope Escape


Whilst trying to make our escape rafts, we managed to get tangles on liana vines!  Our challenge was to try to free ourselves.  Only one pair was successful!

Bushtucker Trial Day- Raucous River


We had to get our whole team across the crocodile infested river using only the stepping stones.  If we lost contact with any stepping stone, it disappeared!

Bushtucker Trial Day- Stick It Challenge


We worked in our team to see if we could put the bamboo cane onto the floor- the rules were that the cane had to rest on your two fingers, no thumbs allowed and your fingers had to be in contact with the cane AT ALL TIMES. Easy you say? Give it a go in a team!

Bushtucker Trial Day- OS Map Challenge


After our treasure hunt, we had a well deserved physical rest and put our brains to the test.  We had to solve clues and find coordinates to navigate around the maps!

Bushtucker Trial Day - Treasure Hunt


Our Bushtucker Trial Day was off to a flying start with a treasure hunt around the village.  Our three teams solved clues as quickly as possible to find the missing treasure!

Bushtucker Trial- Jungle Fitness


To really mark our 'I'm a Year 6, Get Me Out of Here' topic, we took part in a variety of bushtucker trial style activities and challenges.  Our first one was all about fitness.  We scored points for our efforts and these will all be added to our team's total across many different challenges.  Which team is going to win- Red, Yellow or Blue?